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Mark Mayerson mayerson at sidefx.sidefx.com
Thu Mar 30 23:42:18 CEST 1995

I'm glad that Don's Life of $crooge #1 has risen in value, if only because
it takes something like this to get shops to order more Gladstones and
get some of the super-hero addicts to take a look at something different.

HOWEVER, I've never understood back issue pricing.  The complete LO$ will
eventually be reprinted in album format by Gladstone, which will be
on better paper and probably printed larger size.  As something to own
and read, I'll much prefer the album, but it's "value" will probably
never be as high as the original comic book.  Go figure.

I own several volumes of Russ Cochran's EC hardback reprints, and I'd 
never think of buying an original EC.  They cost a fortune and are
printed on newsprint.  Yet, the "value" of old EC's hasn't gone down
since Cochran reprinted them all.  

Similarly, I've got some of the Barks hardbacks from Another Rainbow,
and I have no interest in buying old Barks comics when I can read the
stories larger and printed better in the hardcovers.

I guess it's the difference between the value of the art and story to
me vs. the value of the artifact.  
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