CL, CBLiC, B/W CBL, DRL. (?)

Arthur de Wolf wolfman at
Mon Oct 2 04:05:31 CET 1995


	As you all  may remember, I made a list of countries in which Disney 
comics are, or have been published. Right now, the list is already available 
on Jacob's webpages.  Jacob made an HTML-version of the list, which makes it 
even easier to read it. (
html).  Andreas Gammel though, who also lives in the Netherlands has found a 
little book,  in  which  all countries that have their own Disney comics are 
in.  Every  Disney comic has a little photo in color, and some text with the 
address of the publisher. Andreas only had one copy of the book, so he  pro- 
mised me to  make  photocopies  of it (about 50 pages), and give them to me. 
With those  photocopies,  I  will  be  able to complete my list!! Has anyone 
ever  heard  of this book? I don't know if Andreas is still a member of Dis- 
ney-Comics. He told me he had been a member, but I'm not sure he still is.

	So, Andreas? Are you still here?

	I'm pretty exited about this book. I collect Disney comics from  all
over the world, you know. This  weekend,  Jacob send me the Faeroese version
of the Carl Barks Library in Color. It's  the  first time I have ever seen a
CBLiC. I saw Daniel's B/W CBL, but  the CBLiC looks nice too. Does the CBLiC
also publish all the 'special'  Barks-material,  like the Junior Woodchucks-
scripts? Or do they only  print  the  final stories, as they appaired in for
example Walt Disney Comics  &  Stories?  The copy Jacob sent me was the Walt 
Disney Comics & Stories  in  Color Library.  It was numbered number one, but
the stories inside were  WDC103,  WDC104 etc.  How could that be? On the in-
side cover I saw that the  album  was  equal to  the American WDCiC#14. Does
that mean that they forget about the other 13  albums in the Faeroe-islands?
Except  from  the language, the Faeroese CBLiC looks exactly the same as the
ones from Gladstone.  Are  there  more countries that translate the American
CBLiC into their own? Jacob said that that on the Faeroe islands,  they  are 
publishing CBLiC  in Faroese in cooperation with Ehapa. So do they also have
them in Germany?

	I heard that  they  are  going to publish a Don Rosa Library in Ger-
many. Is it also printed in  album-form,  like  the  CBLiC? I wish they were
going to print a DRL in Holland.(or at least in the US) But sadly, the Dutch 
publishers kind of "dis"like Don's artwork. Not that they don't  print Don's 
stories,  but  they  say  it's not good enough to appair in the Dutch Donald 
Duck  weekly!  So they print it in the Dutch Donald  Duck  Extra.  They have 
*never* printed  a Rosa-cover in the Netherlands either.  I can't understand 
it. Don's covers are the best  I've  ever seen. His covers are far superious
then those of other artists!  But  the Dutch publishers seem to think in an-
other way. I guess the  "Life of Scrooge"  will not be printed in Album-form
in the Netherlands either. :-(

> Now there are still four give-aways waiting for a  good reprint: "Race  to 
> the  South  Seas",  "Darkest  Africa",  "Atom Bomb" and "Donald Duck Tells 
> about Kites".

	I  read  something  of  "Atom  Bomb" being reprinted in WDC&S#571. I 
don't have that issue though. I guess it's a redrawn version too!


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