CBLiC in Faroese

Jacob Sparre Andersen sparre at cats.nbi.dk
Tue Oct 3 11:21:30 CET 1995


Sombody didn't get the URL right, so I'll repeat it:
"http://fys.ku.dk/~sparre/Disney/Publishing_list.uk.html" is Arthur's list.
"http://fys.ku.dk/~sparre/Disney/index.uk.html" is my main Disney document.

About starting with CBLiC#14: BFL didn't start publishing CBLiC until Ehapa 
was at number 14, so they just decided to make CBSil#1 ~ CBLiC#14, and then 
wait for a reprint of CBLiC#1-13 so they can be appended to the collection.

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