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Arthur de Wolf wolfman at
Wed Oct 4 03:05:36 CET 1995

Hi everyone!

	Wow! Some day today! O.J. Simpson was sentenced not guilty,
and The Lion King was released on homevideo today, here in Holland.
	I also bought "Advance Comics" and "Previews" today. I guess you 
Disney-comics-readers always read those books, but I had never seen them. 
There was only one and a half page of Disney comics in each of them. Walt 
Disney Comics and Stories #601 will sure be something to look out for. Are 
all issues of WDC&S going to be sold for $5.95 from now? I also read this:

Shipping date:  | Title:                       | Contents:
November 13     | Donald Duck Adventures #35   | Vicar's Pace in Pieces
		|			       | Barks' Ice Taxis
November 20     | Walt Disney Comics #601      | Don's Treasury of Croesus
		|			       | Floyd's Blaggard Castle
		|			       | William's Dupe in the Deep
		|			       | Gary's Cash Clash
		|			       | Frank's (?) Sword i/t stone
November 27     | Uncle Scrooge #296	       | The long-awaited final
		|			       | to Don Rosa's Lo$-series.
December 18	| Donald Duck #295	       | The code of Duckburg
		|                              | 10-pager by Barks
December 26     | Walt Disney Giant #4	       | The Mysterious Stranger
		|			       | (a 44-page Mickey Mouse
		|			       | Story by Pat Block)
December 26   	| Donald Duck and M. Mouse #4  | Old Froggy Catapult
		|			       | 10-pager by Barks
		|                              | Treasure of Shark Reef
		|			       | 16-page Mickey Mouse adv.
December 26	| Uncle Scrooge Adventures #37 | Chapter One of the long
		|			       | awaited (?!?) Romano
		|			       | Scarpa classic, The 
		|			       | Colossus of the Nile

	What I also read, was this: DISNEY COMICS IN COLOR #1-#7.
What's that? It says: "These 8"x11" perfectbound softcovers are in
full color on brilliant white offset stock. The special Don Rosa
covers are on a heavy, glossy stock. These ernormous albums
range from 184 to 200 whopping pages! Wow!" Each album costs
$20.00, but it doesn't say what's in it. So can someone tell
me more about these albums? And what kind of stories are in them?




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