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Knut Hunstad Knut.Hunstad at
Thu Oct 5 08:48:47 CET 1995

Hi again!

>messages. I´m Erik Horthe, and the E-mail-adress is egil at

Sorry, should have seen that...

>about the myth of the lemming-suicide. However, there is another myth 
>about lemmings. Can you say a little about that, Knut?

You mean the exploding thing? OK! It is "well known" in Norway that a
lemming can get so angry that it simply explodes! I'm not sure if this is
correct, but I think I once saw an explanation saying that this myth might
have been triggered by the fact (?) that a lemming _can_ be so upset by
beeing disturbed that it simply dies of a heart attack...

But I'm really on thin ice here, so don't bet on it! I still plan to check
up on this...

P.S.: Those who have tried the computer game "Lemmings" (which is annoyingly
addictive, BTW) have seen that lemmings blowing up is a quite important part
of the game...


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