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Thu Oct 5 08:57:01 CET 1995

Sorry, I messed up again! Eudora still doesn't grab it when I put a "From
Don" with a colon behind in my message. I'll send it once more...


Don wrote,
>I wouldn't say that "The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad" is one of my
>more  serious studies in physics -- at least, not the way something like
>"Cash Flow" or "The Universal Solvent" might have been. Sorta. F'rinstance,

That was exactly my point and nothing else...

>about scientific accuracy... up to a point. Then it's all's fair. Really,
>the stuff I pulled off in "Universal Solvent" wasn't possible either, you
>know. I can pick that story apart, as well.

Of course, that's why I said that it wasn't really too important, it just
seemed (as you say) that the "level of realism" was lower in this story than
the other two. I always find the _best_ stories to be those where one only
has to accept one (or few) major unrealistic things and the rest is then
more or less logical according to that (in the extent this is possible). But
you're right, of course, that realism is quite contradictory in a story
about talking ducks...

I know have read the third part of tIST and it was great! The somewhat slow
second part was more than compensated for by this last part. You had me
ROtFL several times (especially those boxer shorts!) and the way you managed
to pull off the rescue of DD & U$ was also amusingly plausible. And that
last point in the story was almost like a Roald Dahl ending (at least _I_
didn't expect _that_ to happen!)...

In total, a good story with lots of good laughs, but somehow I would have
expected at least U$ to have understood where they were a little sooner...

>        Anyway, what color is the Maltese Falcon? Are you the same fella who
>recently said you hadn't seen "Citizen Kane"?

Yup! But that doesn't mean I haven't seen Humpy boy with the Falcon! Only I
couldn't remember what color it was.

>and see them again for the "first" time. (sigh). Anyway, the Maltese Falcon
>was just black. Actually, the one in the movie was a fake... that's why it
>was in $crooge's junk closet. No one ever found the real Falcon (unless you
>believe that silly comedy sequel called "The Black Bird" made in the 70s).

"Real" Falcon? Does that imply the Falcon story is based on some true story
or myth? I thought is was only a myth invented for the movie.

P.S.: I really wish the editors of DD&Co. would have the decency to refrain
from using Ducktales stories in the magazine. Put it into some magazine of
it's own!


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