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Jørgen Andreas Bangor jorgenb at ifi.uio.no
Sun Oct 8 19:59:32 CET 1995

At last it seems that I have a little time to write about Disney
comics again.


I'm glad you can use my reviews. After the comments I've got, on the 
list, and in private mail, I know that I'm not vasting my time.

| Actually, I wish your reviews were collected in the archives for reference. 
| Or are they already and I've missed them?

Well, they are... in the archive, along with everything that has ever 
been sent to the list. I wouldn't mind having them stored in a way
where they would be a little more easy to find, but I think there is
one (or several...) problem with them. There are a lot of mistakes in
them, which are corrected in later letters, and quite a lot of them
started discussions, which brought up information that maybe should
have been in the original review if it should be put in a more easy-
to-find place. Or maybe it shouldn't? A recent example:

In the last review I wrote, there was a quite bad (terrible actually)
Mickey story, probably written by Per Erik Hedman. Dwight told us
that it probably was written by him. Also according to Dwight, Hedman 
writes a lot of stories. His other stories might be as bad as this one, 
or many of them might be very good. I have no idea, since this is the 
only story I've seen by him (possibly him). Then Jorgen's reviews would 
contain information about _one_ Hedman story, and it would be a really 
bad one. That wouldn't be very nice to Hedman. Maybe he would deserve 
it, but I hope he doesn't. 

I could strip off my opinions from the reviews, but that doesn't sound
very good either. That would make them boring, and from the comments 
I've got from you writers out there, I don't think they would be very 
useful to anyone.

Any thoughts?

| Of course, that's easy for me to say--particularly in this case since
| you liked the lead story  (D94111 "The Swell of Success") in DD & Co #37.
| Yup, I wrote it. I'm glad it seemed to work for you.

Yup, I liked it. I think you handled (at least the translator did, but
I guess he had to work from something :-) the language very good. Too
few writers take good enough care of the language, in addition to a good
story, IMHO. David recognized a few of your short stories just from the
language right before you came on the list, BTW.

| D 93155     AA 34/95       5       FIFTY-CENT FRENZY

I must admit that I didn't like that one very much. The gag at the end
wasn't bad, but I think the story was a bit too long.
The art (looks like Xavi) wasn't very good either.

Jacob (the Swedish one):

| Do we have any Norwegian guy around here?

You do know what the two or three letter abbreviation in the end of
the address means? :-) (although we do have an Italian posting from a
UK address...). 
Thanks for that translation, BTW (Hmmm... I think I actually could 
have read the original text).


| (about the Rota story D94046) Do you know what languages these new
| Rota stories have been published in?

I think this has been answered by someone else, but anyway. Since these
are Egmont stories they have probably been published in Norwegian, Swedish,
Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, German, and at least some of them in English
(and probably quite a few other languages). But... I don't _know_ of any
other than the Norwegian, except that David said that one quite recent
story was published in the UK.

1. April

On 1. April my mother used to tell me there was a fire engine parked
in the garden. I just _had_ to check. Every year.

There was a good one in a newspaper in Fredrikstad some years ago, BTW.
It told that a mammoth was being dug out of the ground, in the park 
around the biggest church in the town. Then they photograpehd all the 
people who came to watch it.


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