-- Barks' Andes-stories --

Arthur de Wolf wolfman at pi.net
Sat Oct 14 06:40:50 CET 1995

	I also liked Barks' "Lost in the Andes" a lot. Two of my most
favorite Barks stories happen to take place in the Andes. The first
is DDOS#233, "Lost in the Andes" and the other is US#26, "The prize
of Pizarro". I looked up the album with "LitA" and I saw it was from
1982. That's 13 years ago. I was about 6 or 7 years old back then.
And I can still remember that I was impressed by the story. I had never
heard of Carl Barks, but the square eggs made quite an impression 
on me. When I read Don's "Return to Plain Awfull" some years ago, I DID 
know who Carl Barks, and even Don Rosa were. I thought that sequel was 
superb. (And it still IS!). I always like sequels a lot. Especially the 
ones Don by done ... errrrhhh ... done by Don. 
	The other 'Andes'-story "tPoP" is one of my favorites too. I read 
that story for the first time in 1984. I liked all the gadgets that the 
Inca's had made to scare away the Ducks. The scene in which Scrooge, Donald
and the nephews are in a cave, and when they have to flee for the water
coming towards them. And when they come to the end of the cave, and they 
quickly jump aside, and the water splashes to the other side of the 
canyon. That scene always reminded me of the one in Indiana Jones
and The Temple of Doom. Actually, it's exactly the SAME. (I didn't know
Barks was an Indiana Jones-fan!!! ;-))
	The album in which "tPoP" was printed in 1984, also contained the 
Barks story, in which Scrooge and the gang are kidnapped by those ants and 
when Huey has to use sugar to keep the ants busy, so that Scrooge can escape 
and the Beagle Boys have to carry Scrooge's moneybin and dime outside. 
(isn't that a nice description, or what?). Anyway, it's US#33, "Billions in
the Hole". That's one of my favorite Barks-stories too! But then-again, 
which Barks-story ISN'T ?!?!

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