-- Erfenis and e's --

Arthur de Wolf wolfman at pi.net
Sun Oct 15 00:29:11 CET 1995

	I just reread that Dutch H82096 story "De Triljarden Erfenis"
in the Dutch Donald Duck weekly #23 en #24 of 1983 too. I couldn't 
remember it. But I did like it. The artwork isn't very impressive, but
the story is nice. A little weird though, but it was nice.
	I didn't know that they use computer-lettering in Holland!
I had never noticed it. I looked in a vacationbook, but those stories
were sure lettered by a real letterer. But when I took a Dutch Donald
Duck weekly from 1995, I could clearly see that it was done by a computer.
All letters, like a "t" or an "h" are the same. And I mean EXACTLY the same. 
Only when there are for example two "e"s next to eachother, the second one 
is different from the first one. So in "ee", the two letters are different. 
Everytime there is an "ee" though, the combination of the first version of 
the "e" and the second version of the "e" is the same. It's very well done. 
But if you don't know that the dialogues are done by a computer, you 
wouldn't recognize it!
	Do they only use computer-lettering in the Dutch Donald Duck
weekly? Or also in other Dutch Disney-comics/albums?

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