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David A Gerstein David.A.Gerstein at williams.edu
Sun Oct 15 21:24:10 CET 1995

	Scenes from Disney comics reused elsewhere?
	The very first Mickey Mouse comic strip story, "Lost on a
Desert Island," contains a scene where MM is being pursued by hungry
cannibals.  He paints a picture of a cave on a big cliff face, then
hides behind a bush nearby so that the cannibals think he ran into the
"cave".  They try to run in after him, of course, and get flattened.
	Warner Bros. began to use this gag (and variants on it) in
their cartoons around 1939, and soon every studio was using it.  The
gag's popularity seems to have begun with WB's use of it, but Walt
Disney himself created (?) it for comics nine years before.  Now some
live-action slapstick films (i. e. TOP SECRET) have used it too.

	Gladstone usually orders your stories when they see them in
the Egmont weeklies, which is long after those weeklies are published
-- they don't get them first-class or something, I imagine they just
SUBSCRIBE to the weeklies.
	They'd order them sooner (when they hear you mention what
you've just finished in phone conversations, for example) but can't do
it because they don't have the D-code for the story.  Our paychecks from
Egmont mention these codes, so if you make a list from those and send
it to Gladstone, they can order them from Egmont RIGHT AWAY.  Egmont
will send them the material BEFORE it's published in Europe --
Gladstone just has to wait on PUBLISHING it 'til it's printed there.
	The other day, I mentioned TisT to John, who asked me what the
code was so he could order it -- he hadn't seen it in a published
Egmont comic yet.  I couldn't give him the code, because while I
subscribe to the Egmont weekly, they aren't sent to my school
address... anyway, I think there must be a quicker way to let
Gladstone know what's coming up and what they need to do to order the
stories.  We fans would be grateful.

	David Gerstein
	<96dag at williams.edu>
	"Have a chestnut, boys! ... OW!"

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