Scrooge's death

Daniel van Eijmeren daniel at
Thu Oct 19 23:01:14 CET 1995


> Daniel, about a Dutch 23-pager (H8296) where Scrooge "died":

>> Is this story ever published in the USA?
> No, it isn't. It was drawn by Jan Gulbransson, BTW.

I asked here the last week if it is a good idea to reprint this story 
in the USA, but then no-one answered. What do you think of it, Harry? 

*If* it's going to be reprinted by Gladstone, I think the story needs 
a very good recoloring, the panels have a kind of "empty look" to me 
now (or do you think I'm wrong with that?).  


Maybe you are interested?


--- Daniel

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