Phonograph needles

Anders Engwall Anders.Engwall at
Mon Oct 23 07:43:17 CET 1995

> Once when I quoted "she musta been vaccinated with a phonograph needle",
> which is Mickey Mouse on Clarabelle Cow, someone told me that he
> recognized that as a Groucho Marx quote, even though he couldn't tell
> me from where it was.  Is that so?

Yep. Groucho said something like this in "Duck Soup" (!) -- that's the
one where he plays one Rufus T. Firefly who all of a sudden is appointed
president of Freedonia... One of my all-time favourites.

Actually, Groucho's line is about himself, I think it's something like
"Ya know, I haven't stopped talking since I came here -- I must have
been vaccinated with a phonograph needle".

> And in that case, who copied whom?

Dunno. The movie is from 1933. How old is the strip?

Anders Engwall

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