Disney-comics digest #824.

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Tue Oct 24 04:49:00 CET 1995

        The first 127 episodes of "The Pertwillaby Papers", which contained
the original version of "The Son of the Sun", were reprinted in the old
ROCKET'S BLAST COMICOLLECTOR which was THE main comics fanmagazine back
around 1965-78. That's where I also wrote all those question-and-answer
columns about comics and TV and movies and stuff, which I peppered with
spot-illistrations, including my first published Duck drawings (while
answering questions about and praising Barks) -- this would have been about
15 years before I began doing Duck comics for really.
         After they reprinted those first episodes (which had appeared as a
daily strip in my college newspaper in 1972-73), I did those NEW comic-book
style episodes for RBCC in 1976-78 which Fantagraphics reprinted in DON
ROSA'S COMICS AND STORIES around 1982. This is where the first versions of
several more of my later Duck stories appeared. What you refer to as
"Journey to the Center of the Earth" (my title was "The Universal Solvent")
appeared there in MUCH more complex form as "Vortex". There was so much more
to that version that I can get yet another Duck story out of the same story.
And that's where "Knighttime" began appearing, but was never completed. I
just completed a version of that as "The Once and Future Duck", but it also
was quite different from my original ending for "Knighttime".

        And no, I don't use Mickey Mouse in my Duck stories to indicate that
I "hate" him... though I should be more careful, since there are malicious
forces out there who like to take stuff like that and present it to other
eyes in such a fashion as to show that "Don Rosa hates Mickey Mouse! Alert
the media!" But I stick Mickey into the background of many stories, just for
fun, to give readers one more detail to hunt for. 

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