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I sent this yesterday, however, it seemed to have got hooked down in the net, no doubt 
due to finding a nice tavern

Re: Marco Polo

Daniel wrote that 

>  According to the British librarian Frances Wood, Marco Polo has 
> never been in China. He *made up* his stories about his time there.

There's been a certain number of Englishmen who have discovered 
new truths about old truths lately.  The Holy Grail, Robin Hood's grave 
and Arthur's Camelot has been discovered by Graham Philips (with 
co-author Martin Keatman) the last few years, most of these a short 
drive  from Philips' home in Coventry.

Regarding MP the story seems to be that he found in stead a nice 
tavern in Constantinople (Queen of cities, Centre of the Roman 
Empire) and spent all his time listening to real travellers' stories in that 
cosmopolitan centre and end station of the Silk Road. So his own 
"travels" are really based on facts, however, second hand. So the 
new story goes. 

I guess someone will come up with some counterfacts, however much 
I enjoy the vision of Constantinople being the cradle of Polo's writings. 

Both The Holy Grail, Robin Hood and Arthur have provided an 
unceasingly flood of stories, and I look forward to read Don's on 

So when will $crooge also discover the Grail and Robin Hood, 
perhaps put into one story and connected?


Thanks, Todd, for providing sources for Pre-Colombian stone 
artifacts. I'll try to find the books, especially Trento's and see how they 
fit the Norwegian material I mentioned (Prytz). However, I think I'll 
remain somewhat sceptical until more "facts" are found, based on 
previous experince with Daniken and his likes. 

My sceptisism is not reduced by hearing you tell of

> one of the larger sites that is open to the public as a tourist attraction 
>in New Hampshire. I visited it in the late 1970's. Unfortunately, it has
 > been messed around with a lot since it's discovery by
> previous owners, so the true origins can only be guessed at

Why and how could anyone do a thing like that to "true evidence" for 
Europeans in the New World before Columbus? Perhaps because 
the owners really didn't believe it to be so true after all?

BTW, Todd, thanks for your great job on lettering Sandman! If you 
meet Neil G., please tell him that I found his use of G.K. Chesterton in 
the series one of the true wonders of the modern world! Of course I'm 
deeply sorry that Neil did put an end to using GKC near the conclusion 
of the series (or what seems to be the conclusion, so far).

Hopefully he will pop up (or something) in a later and different series! 
Beg, persuade, threaten, cry - just make sure Neil keep up his artistic 
use of perhaps the greatest, the most original, exciting, paradoxical 
and democratic thinker this century!

Anyone interested in getting great ideas for stories shuld read GKC!


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