Donald Duck #294

Augie De Blieck Jr. adebliec at
Sun Oct 29 01:47:34 CET 1995

Donald Duck #294 came out here in the States this week.  It includes 
Barks' "The Persistent Postman" which is, in my opinion, not his best.  
Although it was entertaining, it didn't seem to go anywhere or have any 
point.  Donald's rhyming dialogue was great fun, though.  The eagle 
thinking to itself in English threw me off a little bit.  I kept thinking 
there might be someone in an eagle suit trying to catch Donald.  I guess 
I was thinking too hard.

The letters column heralded the facts that

* All the Gladstone Comics will be in $1.50 format by the end of the year

* The Life of $crooge will be reprinted in 4 volumes starting in April 
1996!  I have to go work out page counts to figure out what it will 
include. (Will it be strictly the 12 stories, or will it also include 
Don's story from WDG #2?  I have to do some math later.)

The announcement of the $1.50 format has little effect on me for some 
reason.  I should be outraged that we're getting these silly coverless 
comics from now on, but the price is a nice feeling.  And it helps make up 
for WDC&S. UGH  I just hope they see fit in their infinite wisdom to 
bring the #&@!##!@ letter columns back!

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