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Marco wrote:

>>I wonder if someone can help us please.  My daughter a school project =
>>and has been asked to find out Donald Ducks' middle name.  If anyone is =
>>able to help, would you please email us ASAP.=20
>I seem to remembere his full name is Donald Fauntleroy Duck, but right now
>I can't find a reference for this info...

The reference cen be KEVIN NEARY, DAVE SMITH - The Ultimate Disney Trivia
Book - Hyperion, 1992.
At page 11, at the question #6, "What is Donald's Duck full name?", the
answer is: "Donald Fauntleroy Duck. Donald's full name is shown on his
draft notice in 'Donald Gets Drafted'."
That, according again with a lot of filmographies (Marcia Blitz, DONALD
DUCK - Harmony Books, 1979) was released in 1942.
If you need more info on the film, please ask.

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