Donald's street address (Barks)

Rob Klein bi442 at
Tue Feb 1 02:04:58 CET 2000

Hello "Quackeroos (?)!  This is my first general posting after almost 2
years on the list.  I hope I did it correctly!

Regarding A.C. Sivebaek's comment on Morton's inquiry, - yes, Barks DID
specify some locations of Donald's house, as well as Scrooge's "McDuck
Building (with its auxiliary money bin (not the one on Killmotor Hill!). 
In a 1949 C & S story, he told us Donald lived on Oak Street (no street
number provided).  In 2 1950's stories, Donald lived at 1313 Quack Street,
and 1313 Webfoot Walk.  The McDuck Building was on Quack Street, but
Downtown, near the Center (so it must have had a much LOWER number -but
none was given).  Scrooge's small house was on 33 "B" Street- next to
Jughead Jones (and his tulip garden).  Gladstone lived on Ducklake Lane (I
forget the number -1950's story -can anyone help?).  I've no time to
research my CBL now.  Gladstone's Aunt, Susibelle Swan, lived at 45 Mallard
Avenue.  I don't believe Barks listed a street for Daisy's or Gyro's
houses, although both were on the South Side (not far from Donald's).  Gyro
was born and raised on the tougher North Side.  No barks address for
Grandma's farm (although a Strobl story had it on "Corntassel Road".  Can
anyone else provide any additional Barks original references?

As to Barks Boulevard, it is quite common for cities to re-name old streets
after community or national heros, -so why not Duckburg?

Keep up the good (and interesting work)!  Rob Klein

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