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Today's Topics:

   1. RE: Gladstone version of Scarpa's "Lentils from Babylon" (Gerstein, 
David DK - ECN)
   2. weeklies 2000 (Anders Christian Sivebaek)
   3. #63 (Anders Christian Sivebaek)
   4. Kalevala, again! (Don Rosa)
   5. Re: Kalevala, again! (Morten Lied Johansen)
   6. Where i can found Joe Carioca? (fernandopventura at uol.com.br)
   7. Southern adventures (Ole Reichstein Nielsen)
   8. Gladstone version of Scarpa's "Lentils from Babylon" (Hans K 
(sonia_dyer at hp.com)
   9. Re: Gyro appears in F&SF (Tryg Helseth)
   10. How To Read Donald Duck (RE: Southern adventures) (Fluks, H.W.)
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