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Tue Feb 1 12:59:26 CET 2000


I wanted you to tell us what you were working on, because it's not
polite to quote private mails.

> *I am working on a 28 page Donald Duck adventure for Egmont entitled
> Three Caballeros Ride Again!", one I've been planning to do for about
> years.
This sounds great

> After that (*months* from now), I'll begin doing a new "Lo$" story
> for PICSOU (since Egmont says they don't want those anymore).
This I don't understand... They don't want the stories? why? They are
said to say that the readers don't like the stories? I don't understand
that, as i thought they were among the most popular stories by you. 
(Your Lo$ made me subscribe to the danish weekly if I remember right)
I would like to read the survey they made to defend this theory that
the readers don't like the Lo$. 
On the other hand they might just say that to cover that something else
may be wrong here... In the weekly itself I have senced a change of
attitude towards Rosa, where they once called the stories fables and
said they were fantastic etc. where they now use a word (spinde videre
på ~ continue (but with a negative ring to it)) that I don't really
If I am wrong in this matter I would like to be corrected more than
enything else... 

While we talk about ebay, I won an auction 11 days ago, from a guy
living in Miami, and today I received Gladsotne album no. 28 with at
least to great Rosa comics in it.

My friend Rob, so your mail did come here. It's interesting to read
about Donald's adresses. 
I esepcially remember two stories where it is directly said that he
moves to another place, but I remember no adresses in that

In DK the charecters have the same adresses in the new issues. Mickey
lives on a certain adress and so. but the adresses are mainly jokes...
Goofy lives on Goofstreet (Mulevænget) and Gyro on Genius-street!
Scrooge's house 8or is it the bin) is situated on the adress: Boulevard
of wealth, no. 888

> To: <dcml at>
> Hello "Quackeroos (?)!
Thsi expression sounds correct. Archontis for one, always uses it:-)

>  This is my first general posting after almost 2
> years on the list.  I hope I did it correctly!
Welcome, and yes, you did, except you can also write to
dcml at instead, but till now the old adress seems to work.

> As to Barks Boulevard, it is quite common for cities to re-name old
> after community or national heros, -so why not Duckburg?
Yeah, you're quite right. It is a very nice tribute too to the great
duck master.
> From: "Stefan Persson" <reimersholme at>

> What?! No more Lo$ stories for Egmont?! I guess I'll have to
subscribe to 
> Picsou then... But how should I do it, and how much does a
subscription cost 
> (outside France)?

When I find the mails I got from francois and Olivier on this matter,
I'll forward them to you. 
But why should we give up? Is a boycot out of the question? or wouldn't
it work at all? Could we force our scandinavian weekly to publish the
now 1+2 stories either published or planned for Picsou? 
A subscription to Picsou would be nice, but remember then that the new
Rosa-stories will be very spread, they wont come often, as there are
only two to come untill now. apart from that the Picsou is mainly Barks
and Rosa stories that we mostly have read before. One thing is
important though: the pin-ups, made solely for Picsou (i saw only one
reprinted, in a ducth album). Maybe a good thing would be to contact
the back-issues department of Picsou, and ask them to send the issue
with the coin, and later the  issues with the other, certainly two,
stories by Don Rosa.

Now for something completely different: a Don Rosa comic. 


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