Scarpa no more italian!

Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at
Tue Feb 1 19:00:10 CET 2000

From: <pierrebi at>

>>But Romano Scarpa does NOT work for Disney Italia anymore :-(

>Is there any interview in wich Scarpa explain way?

I don't think so.. at least, I've never seen one!

>Will ever be printed in Italy these Scarpa Stories?

You mean the two stories he's made so far? (The French one a couple of years
ago, and this new "Danish" one)

Maybe.. sooner Or later, I don't know.

>Are These written in italian, or should these be translated?

The French one was written by him, so I think there's got to be an original
Italian script somewhere.

I'm new in the mailing list.



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