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>>Are These written in italian, or should these be translated?
>Do the writers speek Italian? If not, the stories are most surely written in 
>some other language. I think most of the writers don't speek Italian.

Scarpa was, is and will be one of the best, may the best one, after Barks,
Disney writer. He speek italian, because he is italian. I like the nice
italian names he used for some character: Paperetta Ye Ye, l'avvocato
Cavillo Busillis, Atomino Bip Bip.

Filo Sganga (Jubal Cock) is a "copy" of one of the best italian actor in
'50-'60 Italian commedy movies: Alberto Sordi

My question was:

Of course Scarpa writes in italian, but his stories will not be published
in Italy. Maybe he quarreled with Disney Italia, so that i will not give
them the original italian version of his new stories, and Disney Italia
will have to translate them from an other language. I like Italy, Europe an
World, but i would like to read the Scarpa's stories in italian.

Sorry for may bad english!

Pietro Reynaud Bersanino


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