Harry, Theresa, Scarpa, Teme (70)

Anders Christian Sivebaek acsive at mail.mira.dk
Wed Feb 2 13:45:42 CET 2000

> The page about the "golden snow of the Sampo" is a total mystery to
> Probably a reference to the Kalevala that only insiders would
Sorry to say so, but to me it seemed obvious. The snow of Sampo is what
made the finns be so poetic. Am I wrong? If the expression has an
origin in the Kalevala i too would like to know.

Isn't Donald Duck Extra 36 pages? if they leave out the ads it can fit
in, even with that 34th page if they like to.

> ("Ha, ha, and ha!")
That's one of the best quotes. 

Theresa Wiegert
> What!!!?? Are they out of their minds??? 
Seems so. To say no to those stories, which are some of the best by
Don, and which Don likes to do best, is mighty crazy..

> I wonder what the ratio "grown up"-readers to kid-readers is... 
I think they say that half of the readers are more than 18. But not
only grown-ups likes Don's Lo$-stories. Small kids likes books with
many details, and Don's stories has many details... I wonder who ...

Picsou is a nice mag yes, like Komix is.

> At least they didn't censor the Lo$ stories with guns like egmont
Egmont didn't censor the guns in Lo$ chapter ? and ?. Disney made
Gladstone tell Rosa to retouch them... 

> oh well, back to my french verbs...
Bon chance:-) ! 

Are you guys sure that the Scarpa story isn't coming as an extra to
issue 6 in scandinavia? It sure looks like a Scarpa story and tghe
tittle is something with Donald Mc Duck... 

I wonder if Don would still be one of the candidates to the presidental
election, that you mentioned by accident? 
Is the book available in stores again or what?

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