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Tue Feb 8 18:22:20 CET 2000


> > Yes, now I'm drawing it.
> Huh? But i thought you only do a story one at a time. Then 
> this means you're
> doing a new Lo$ *and* the 3C, am i wrong about this??? Or 
> perhaps you have finished the Lo$ one?

Don was only talking about doing a Lo$ *in the future*.

D> And if I am allowed, I will probably try to do another 
D> "3C" story every year or so,
> "Another" 3C???

Yes, *every year or so*. Meaning one in 2000, one in 2001, one in 2002, et
But he's currently working on his *first* 3C story.

> BTW the
> reason i said something about drugs is because in Indonesian 
> drugs have been sold to elementary kids. Imagine that. X(

What's wrong with that? 8-)

> Since this is the year 2000 now and
> the comic coding usually used the last two digits only before 
> 2000. So i
> wander any example of the new coding?

The D-codes (Egmont) will be like D 2000-001.
The F-codes (France) will be like F JM 00001-C.
The H-codes (Holland) will be like H 2001 (?).

We don't know about Brazil yet. The other countries (Italy, USA) have no
year in their story codes.

> Liu Bei looked back and he saw a big muscular man

Yeah... whatever.

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