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Arie Fachrisal cien2 at cbn.net.id
Tue Feb 8 16:20:08 CET 2000

> The statement in the first line must be someway ironic, because
> Scandinavians are not normally very stupid. We're just annoyed. But
> we'll have to calm down and contact the back-issue department of
> Picsou.
Then how come the publisher there can decide anything to print based on
"they think the story will be too complicated for the readers"??? Another
example of wrongfully market research and rating perhaps. I'm sorry but i'm
still confused how the publisher there can think that a story may be too
complicated for scandinavian readers and not with the non-scandinavian ones.

> From: "Arie Fachrisal"
> re: "The 3C Ride Again"
> >>>Have read it??? Does it mean that you already script it?
> Yes, now I'm drawing it.
Huh? But i thought you only do a story one at a time. Then this means you're
doing a new Lo$ *and* the 3C, am i wrong about this??? Or perhaps you have
finished the Lo$ one?

> > And if I am allowed, I will probably try to do another "3C" story every
> > year or so,
> >>>"Another" 3C??? Another  3C story than the original or another 3C story
> than
> your pre-scripted 3C story?
> ???  Well, both. Eh? ??? Huh?
Confused??? No, what i meant was:
Another 3C than the original, meaning you want to do a 3C story but never
done it before.
Another 3C than your pre-scripted one, meaning you want to make "another" 3C
story which means you'll end up making 2 3C stories.
It seems that i don't give quite an explanation, maybe this will still be
confusing since i was unable to say in a more correct way, sorry for my bad
english. Anyway i know you know what i was trying to say.

> story? Will it take time after or before the Lo$ saga? thanks
> As with the previous three extra chapters, it will fit *inside* the
> In between/among those 12 chapters.
That was a stupid question to ask after i think for a while. I mean what
kind of a story will fit in before the Lo$ chapters, make no sense, oh

> But you did recognize the story I was talking about, didn't you ?
Yep:-) Currently one of my favorites.

> >>(I'm a Capra fan, too)..
> >>I don't see any silver lining in this cloud...
> Ma'af, man, but you DO need a bit of advice...
No-no-no, saya yang seharusnya minta maaf. Maafin yah? Pleaze...BTW the
reason i said something about drugs is because in Indonesian drugs have been
sold to elementary kids. Imagine that. X( What will my next generation be?
This drug business is really bothering me now. Well, i'm sure no one in this
DCML use drugs except well medicine drugs;-)

> First, I suggest you to be a bit more careful about how you address
> people, even when it's apparently clear that you're joking, somebody
> might just take it seriously...
Ups, i'm really really sorry about that^_^;; i must have "looked" like a
fool trying to be a wiseguy babbling without even knowing what i say. I am
really sorry about that. Luckily you looked like the kind of person who can
understand my "little" mischief. ^_^;;

> Second, you might need a couple of books.
Ah, yes, i might have to learn more. i really don't know about Capra cause i
never seen his movies played here, at least as far as i know. And the
"lining" thing i never heardof it before too. Mostly is "silver lightning"
in the clouds that i heard most so please forgive me for my stupidity.

> To be as clear as crystal, Don's story is a hommage to Frank Capra's
> movie.
> Lining = the covering of the inner surface of anything
i must put more efforts to my vocabularies, there's so much more i don't
know. But i really appreciate that you have broaden my horizons, thanks and
sorry of course.

> "Put it in your pipe and smoke it!"
Well, errr, this.....errr...i don't know the meaning of this one. Anyone can
tell me what's the meaning of it.
Man, i feel like a jerk. Sorry all:-) for tryin' to be a wiseguy or somethin
like that, i mean.

BTW one question i am curious about. Since this is the year 2000 now and
the comic coding usually used the last two digits only before 2000. So i
wander any example of the new coding? Couldn't be D 00120 right? That will
mean it was published 1900 cause it's not Y2K ready;-) Anyway i'm curious.
Perhaps somebody has the answer.


(Liu Bei looked back and he saw a big muscular man who said the words. Liu
asked his name and he's Zhang Fei, a local butcher and meat-seller. When the
two are chatting in a pub, a man came and with a loud voice asked for a cup
of wine to the waiter--RTK)

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