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Thu Feb 10 23:16:10 CET 2000

Frank Stajano a écrit:
> Someone I don't know sent me the following query in private mail. Sounds a
> bit like an investor, and I don't care much for that race (so ignore the
> bit about value). On the other hand he might just like the comics (there's
> always hope), so if anyone has any info on the comic itself please reply to
> the list since that's always interesting anyway.
> >Hi Frank, I have obtained a French comic entitled Le Journal De Mickey
> >1934. First issue No 1. "L' Hebdomadaire Des Jeunes".
> >If you cold give me any information and approximate value, It would be
> >greatly appreciated. It has 4 pages with a colour cover and back.

This issue happens to be listed in the Disney Comics Database:

JMAG   1   [date:1934-10-21] [inx:FWi]
JMAG   1aZS 34-03-11    0h3 TOs AT      --  La famille vole-au-vent
[desc:Birds of a Feather] [enddate:1934-06-17] [trans:Léon Sée?]
[layout;3c] [Strip du 34-03-11] [part:1]
JMAG   1bZM 34-03-11    0h4 TOs FG  TTh MM  Mickey [xapp:MM]
[enddate:1934-04-29] [layout;4c] [part:1]

(That is, it only contains a Mickey and a Silly Symphony Sunday pages
from 1934, by Al Taliaferro and Gottfredson. There are also various non
Disney American strips not listed here, and editorials).

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