Obelix and Roberto Benigni (who likes comics)

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Fri Feb 11 02:12:48 CET 2000

Hello, all!

This is not an off-topic, because Uderzo likes Disney stuff so much! 8-)

>>I guess you haven't seen last year's "Asterix and >Obelix vs. Caesar",
>>then.  Gerard Depardieu looked exactly like >Obelix. (OK, he didn't have
>>a bulb-like nose, but believe me, you'd never >notice.)
> Nope, I had no idea. However I'm guessing it was probably a French movie
> which would explain why.

Well is a very famous movie, around here, in Italy. It involves also a very
funny and clever actor, Roberto Benigni, who plays a roman soldier. Maybe
you know him. Is the guy who won an academy award with the movie "La vita e'
bella", last y'r.


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