Super Picsou Geant

Søren Krarup Olesen sko at
Fri Feb 11 22:59:11 CET 2000


> A few years ago in the local book exchange, I found this rather large digest 
> of Disney Comics - nearly 200 pages - called Super Picsou Geant.  So from my 
> meagre skills of investigation I skillfully (or not) deduced that Picsou 
> means Scrooge.  The number on the spine is 37, and was published in 1990.  
> Are these the French Disney comics?

To be absolutely exact; this is certainly a French compilation, but in
general (as far as I can read from the Inducks) the Super Picsou Geant
(SPG) publications are *not* "French Disney Comics" as such, but mostly
D-coded Egmont stories. The mag also contains some Italian, Brazilian
and Dutch stories but actually no French stories?!


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