Frank : Incredible, are you sure ??

oliv lascif at
Fri Feb 11 18:17:09 CET 2000

Frank :
>I can't speak for him, but I presume he's after info such as (I am making 
>this up): this was the first Disney publication in France, this title has 
>been going on since 1934 until now with only one interruption in 1940-45 
>and the numbering scheme has never restarted since, this thing used to sell 
>10 million copies on a good day during 1972, the first editor-in-chief was 
>Victor Hugo -- you know, that sort of stuff ;-)

Did he ?? Really ?
I've always known Le Journal de Mickey was a
cultural magazine.
(it appears he signed some scripts like
"Il mistero dei candelabri", true ?)

This quiet moment without words had been
offered to you by me.


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