DCML digest, Vol 1 #79 - 15 msgs

oliv lascif at online.fr
Fri Feb 11 17:59:48 CET 2000

Frank :
>Someone I don't know sent me the following query in private mail. Sounds a 
>bit like an investor, and I don't care much for that race (so ignore the 
>bit about value). On the other hand he might just like the comics (there's 
>always hope), so if anyone has any info on the comic itself please reply to 
>the list since that's always interesting anyway.

Unknown invester :
>>Hi Frank, I have obtained a French comic entitled Le Journal De Mickey 
>>1934. First issue No 1. "L' Hebdomadaire Des Jeunes".
>>If you cold give me any information and approximate value, It would be 
>>greatly appreciated. It has 4 pages with a colour cover and back.

Frank can't answer this question, so i'll try.
JACK POT ! man !

This issue value is up to 900$   :-))
If you find a purchaser ....

And of course if this is really the number one.
There is many facsimiles of this comics issue.
(facsimiles cost less than 2$  :-)  )

On the place of Paris, one can find number one
for 100$.

Don't you know the number two is even rarer !

And i prefer not to tell anything about the numbers
published in the south of France during 1940-42.....

You want to know if you get a facsimile ?
If the dimensions of your comics are
37x25 cm ..... gulp ! It is a facsimile !

The real number on is even huge in size.

I have the privilege to get *two* copies of this
comic and one is to exchange with 
an "vapor organ"  ;-)
(You certainly can't have what i want)



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