Charles M Schultz

Rodney w bowcock jr. rodney-selfhelpbikeco at
Tue Feb 15 02:39:40 CET 2000

Recently someone on this list made a comment about Mr Schultz's wonderful
creations "getting a rest".  While I do agree that the commercial market
has been flooded with Peanuts stuffed toys, greeting cards and things
like that, it is getting increasingly difficult to find collections of
the actual comic strips.  When it comes to high quality collections of
his work, I hope the Peanuts gang are kept hard at work for many years.

As we all know, Charles Schultz was a brilliant artist.  Anyone who can
make us care about little pictures that they draw deserves imminent
respect.  He was a wonderful man and it saddens me greatly that a
generation of our young people know him only by his (often times)
lackluster animated cartoons, not the wonderful comics that he had done
for us.  

Mr Schultz never viewed his work or fans as a curse, or something that he
needed to discourage, unlike many other comic artists.  He truly loved
what he did, and remained *very* good at it for 50 years and because of
that I respect him more than nearly any other comic artist.  I will miss
his "little drawings", as he referred to them as, very, very much.

Rodney Bowcock

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