"Souper Megalo Miky"

Archontis Pantsios apantsi at binghamton.edu
Tue Feb 15 17:52:53 CET 2000


>lifetimes away, back in 1985, there used to be an annual publication
>called "Super Mickey" (all right, "Souper Miky"), which was published each
>summer, and was similar to "Megalo Miky", only a lot thicker. I have no
>idea if it is still being published. 

Actually, "Souper Megalo Miky" is not a separate publication, but part of
the monthly "Megalo Miky". Once or twice a year, "Megalo Miky" becomes
extra thick and is named "Souper Megalo Miky". These special issues in the
"Megalo Miky" series usually publish the comic-book adaptations of recent
Disney box-office releases. 



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