digest #68

Don Rosa donrosa at iglou.com
Mon Jan 31 15:25:42 CET 2000

In answer to some recent queries:

*My e-mail address is above (I assume).

*I am working on a 28 page Donald Duck adventure for Egmont entitled "The
Three Caballeros Ride Again!", one I've been planning to do for about 10
years. After that (*months* from now), I'll begin doing a new "Lo$" story
for PICSOU (since Egmont says they don't want those anymore).

*As for that most recent U$ #179 sale on eBay -- I see the new auction-end
selling price is just a bit more than half of the previous one. It was
bought by the runner-up in the previous auction, a collector of Whitman
publications of any sort... not a comic or Disney or $crooge fan. And I
examined the list of bidders and their bids -- they are all "the usual
suspects" -- I see that the third bidder down the list is someone I know,
and he tells me that he erred when he placed that bid on someone else's
advice. Therefore, that means that regardless of what that second highest
bidder bids if he bids again on the next U$ #179 that shows on eBay in a
week or two, and if these other same people bid again (as is happening in
each auction), due to the fact that the other bids were *much* lower, the
comic will sell for about $100 (as that will be the runner-up bidder's
bid), which I'd say is a reasonable price. And this tempest in a teapot
will end. Which I'll be happy to see, because these eBay sellers are
placing editted quotes from *this* mailing list into their
auction-descriptions, using *us* to drive up the price of the bidding on
that freak comic, something that irritates me not a little.
(For any non-eBayers in the audience who are puzzled by some of the above,
the main point about eBay is that the winning bidder does *not* pay the
amount of his bid, but he simply pays one increment over the second-highest
bidder's bid, probably $1 or $2.50 at these levels. See?)

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