Disappointment because of ZP

Paolo Castagno p.castagno at libero.it
Sat Jul 22 00:09:08 CEST 2000


I was reading the last issue of Zio Paperone, and as at the same
it was a good issue... but this time something very bad hooked my
attention: at page 67 there is a sort  of fan drawing from Walt
Simonson about comics collectors.. the gag is OK (it is about
Scrooge spending all his money to buy himself Barksian comic
books) but it is what Donald says to his nephews that is of a
very bad taste: 

Donald and nephews are going to US money bin, and while walking
HDL ask Donald "Unca Donald, who *WAS* Carl Barks?"... and the
was is also in bold fonts! Carl **IS** the greatest comic book
artist of all times, not "was"!!!!! 

It really struck me badly. :-(

   - Paolo

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