Disappointment because of ZP

Fabio Blanco longtom at oeste.com.ar
Sun Jul 23 03:51:03 CEST 2000

Luca Boschi wrote:

>Two: the gag was written in a period in which Carl Barks was supposed not
>write or draw Duck stories anymore, for this reason HDL talks about him as
>if he were far in the time like an Andersen, or a Perrault... The reality
>and the perspective that now we know is very different from the 70es, when
>Barks' name was not so popular.

That's exactly I did think about this gag based in the last two messages. I
imagine that the artist was in the cinic and bitter mood of somebody seeing
the oblivion about a great creator like Barks. The error, I think, is from
Zio Paperone for publish something out of his context.

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