R: Disappointment because of ZP

Luca Boschi cnotw at zen.it
Sun Jul 23 15:46:31 CEST 2000

Hi, all!

> Luca Boschi wrote:
>>Two: the gag was written in a period in which Carl Barks was supposed not
> to
>>write or draw Duck stories anymore, for this reason HDL talks about him as
>>if he were far in the time like an Andersen, or a Perrault... The reality
>>and the perspective that now we know is very different from the 70es, when
>>Barks' name was not so popular.
> That's exactly I did think about this gag based in the last two messages. I
> imagine that the artist was in the cinic and bitter mood of somebody seeing
> the oblivion about a great creator like Barks. The error, I think, is from
> Zio Paperone for publish something out of his context.

Maybe you're right. For this reason, I think it should be interesting if
some of you, if you want, write something about this matter, also for
explaining the "different moods". Surely, Lidia shall  publish your replies
in the letter colums of ZP.


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