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Alex Bowman lordwormm at
Sun Jul 30 08:54:35 CEST 2000

I am a cartoon lover and have been for as long as I can remember.  I have a 
question for anyone who might be able to answer.

My favorite comics (Disney's Stories & Comics) are the ones in which 
unlikely characters are introduced to each other and work together.

I.e. I have three seperate comics featuring stories with:
A) Thumper, Jiminy Crickett & The Seven Dwarves
B) Jiminy Crickett, Timothy Mouse & Dumbo
c) Thumper, The Seven Dwarves & The Wicked Witch

Does anyone know the issue names and numbers in which there are other 
similar story lines.

I would love to see most interesting stories concocted to bring otehr 
characters together.

Goofy & Merlin                     Rabbit, Thumper & The MArch HAre
Maleficent & The Fairy Godmother   Little John , Baloo & Pooh Bear
Cheshire Cat & Thomas O'Malley     Mr. Smee & Brave Little Toaster
Willie the Operatic Whale & Monstro    Jessica Rabbit & King Triton
Eeyore & Horace                      Daisy Duck & Gepetto

Wouldn't these be fascinating.  Replies are welcome.  Help is requested.

Thanks for listening.

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