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Sun Jul 30 18:27:49 CEST 2000

> I have three seperate comics featuring stories with:
>A) Thumper, Jiminy Crickett & The Seven Dwarves
>B) Jiminy Crickett, Timothy Mouse & Dumbo
>c) Thumper, The Seven Dwarves & The Wicked Witch
>Does anyone know the issue names and numbers in which there
>are other similar story lines.

I have taken a look at the Inducks for you:

A) "Out-foxing the Wolf"
B) "Daredevil Dusters"
+ two covers
C) two untitled stories

>Goofy & Merlin

Le miroir magique
The Quest for Christmas 
+ 1 illustration

>Rabbit, Thumper & The MArch HAre
>Cheshire Cat & Thomas O'Malley
>Jessica Rabbit & King Triton
>Eeyore & Horace

None (in Inducks).

>Daisy Duck & Gepetto

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