Disney Comics On Line - version 2

Arthur Faria Jr. arthurfaria at projesom.com.br
Mon Jul 31 21:17:16 CEST 2000

    Thierry Fernand wrote:

>    An improved version of my "Disney Comics Online" is at the 
>following URL:
> http://members.forez.com/livia

>I also have added a link to the Brazilian story "A Heroine is 
>Born" (http://www.projesom.com.br/afaria/b_fethry/), in 

    Thanks, Thierry. Unhappily my Web space is very
small, so the stories I put there stay there for only 2
weeks or so. New stories will replace the previous ones,
therefore the link will always work.

>Arthur Faria Jr. translated many other (great) Brazilian 
>stories. Are these stories available somewhere on the web? 
>I'd of course love to add links to them. If this is not the 
>case but if someone saved them and can send them to me, 
>please contact me.

    Thanks! I don't know about other links to the "old"
stories I put before. But I can upload them again, one
at a time, if there are other people who didn't have 
the opportunity to read them.
Here is a list of stories I have already put on-line:

Pena Kid (Fethry Kid):
B 74143  "Thorny mission" 9p (FE's comic hero)
B 74144  "Fethry Kid and Xaxam" 9p (FE's comic hero)
B 830170 "A horsy friendship" 12p
B 830186 "Fethry Kid meets Penelope Jones" 9p
B 840033 "How a brave is born" 8p
B 840175 "A Foreman not so capable" 13p
B 860038 "It can shine like gold, but..." 8p
B 870143 "The longest duel of the West" 11p
B 880083 "A Duck of fame" 8p

Pena Submarino (Fethry The Submariner):
B 830008 "Fethry The Submariner" 7p
B 840177 "Those dry people are crazy" 9p

Pena das Selvas (Jungle Fethry):
B 830207 "The Animal Men" 6p
B 840034 "Domestic problems" 7p
B 840073 "The wonders of television" 6p

Stories still on-line:

Morcego Vermelho (Red Bat):
B 820231 "A heroine is born... Purple Butterfly" 7p

"New" Daisy Duck:
B 860063 "A new Daisy Duck" 8p

Those last two will be removed soon!

>******** Foreword *******
>I hope this page will help you find the best Disney comics 
>material on the web, and would like to thank everyone once 
>again for their help.

    It sure does that! I wanted to read some Don Rosa
stories never published in Brazil and your links were/are
*very* helpful!

-- Arthur.

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