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Fabio "Efx" Rossi efx_al at tin.it
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Hi all!

I'm italian Disney fan.
Congratulations for this story, I'm very honoured to post this message to the author of "The very lone ranger".
are you a brazilians Disney writer (professional)?

For other story, this is a censured story in Italy and was published only once.
Italian artist have added a balloon that indicated:"dream story", not real.

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    Oggetto: New Brazilian Disney stories on the Web!
        Hi, All!
        Two more Brazilian stories have replaced the
    lastest two at:
    They are:
    B 840150 Fethry Kid "The Very Lone Ranger" 9 pages
    Writer: Arthur Faria Jr. (hey, it's me!)
    Artist: Irineu Soares Rodrigues
    And the "famous" DD's marriage story (it's 30 pages
    in 4 parts. I uploaded only the first part,
    the next ones will be uploaded soon):
    BC SOD 1 - Cover of "Série Ouro Disney" # 1
    (1st edition, 1987)
    B 870024 "Donald Duck's Marriage - Part 1: The Proposal"
    Writer: ?
    Art: Irineu Soares Rodrigues
    There is also an Italian version of this story in
    Marco Barlotti's page at:
    So if you can read Italian you will be able to compare
    the translation; mine (including ugly errors) is as close as
    possible of the original Portuguese texts.
    ** Farewell and thanks, unca Carl! **

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