Celebrating Barks' life

Kriton Kyrimis kyrimis at cti.gr
Thu Sep 7 14:05:19 CEST 2000


> It's sad that he died...

I'm probably going to get banned from this list, for saying it, but I
feel I have to do it:

Instead of mourning Barks' death, we should be celebrating his life!

How many people do you know who got to live up to their 100th year,
who had (at least) two very productive careers during their life, each
spanning what for a normal person would have been their entire productive
lifetime, who got to share with the world the product of their work during
those lifetimes, and who, for this reason, were loved by (literally)
millions of people?

Corporeal immortality is not a blessing; it is a curse, and one should
not wish to inflict it upon others. Being granted the oportunity to
choose when to leave is far better, and as we all know, Unca Carl was
able to do exactly that.

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