Celebrating Barks' life

Helge J. Bj|rnhaug h.j.bjornhaug at admin.uio.no
Wed Sep 13 09:44:25 CEST 2000

Stefan Diös <pyas at swipnet.se> writes:

> It reminds me of his visit to Europe in 1994, when a fan meeting was
> arranged in Stockholm just like in so many other places. We have
> never, before or after, had so many Donaldists gathered in one place
> in our country at the same time, and I have rarely in my life
> experienced such a thrill as when Barks stepped in and the crowd
> roared. It just would never stop! It was a great honor to meet Carl
> Barks, but an even greater feeling to see how loved he truly is. We
> knew it before, but... Barks is huge. Not "was". Is.

Exactly the same happened at the University of Oslo when he visited us


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