Wundermild's pages ARE accessible

Frank Fabian ffabian at bluewin.de
Fri Sep 15 19:36:13 CEST 2000


I just tried to access both pages, even using the links provided in your 
mail, and it worked without any problems. Perhaps a temporary technical 
error occurred? And BTW, why FortuneCity? The pages are hosted by 
Geocities, i.e. Yahoo.

Best regards,


At 12:00 15.09.00 +0200, you wrote:

>I just tried to access the wonderful homepage of Wundermilds Donald Duck
>Comic Book Rarities. When I try to look closer at a thumbnail a black
>page comes up instead with the following message :
>We're sorry, but we can't supply the file you requested.
>    In order for us to continue to provide our members with the
>first-class service they expect, we don't allow people to link files
>    from sites hosted with other providers.
>    If you believe you deserve the best in free web hosting, join
>FortuneCity.com today! It's easy and it's FREE!
>Can I watch if I join FortuneCity.com ? or what do I have to do ???
>Please can someone answer me :-((
>Ola in Stockholm +7 and cloudy

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