Somewhere in Nowhere

Botto Armando Armando.Botto at
Mon Sep 18 11:42:25 CEST 2000

Apostolis wrote:
> I'm wondering if the Barks, Pat Block and J.Lusting's story 
> "Somewhere in Nowhere" has been published in Europe. 2 months ago I read
> July's mailing list a mail by Armando Botto, saying that "SiN" had
> to Ebay. So, where is that story now? Is it in Europe?
Not yet. The story is going be published in Italy, probably next November.
The "eBay release" consisted of original artwork from the story. BTW, more
and more artwork is popping up these days... just search for "Barks Block"
on eBay.

(and thanks everybody for the kind words about my "Barks-dream-thing"!)

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