Carl Barks and Nat'l Geographic

Francesco Spreafico frspreaf at
Wed Sep 27 18:39:17 CEST 2000

From: "Michael Rhode" <mrhode at>

> Based on F.A. Elliott's suggestion about Barks and National Geographic:
> Can anyone provide me with specific examples of a.) issues and the stories
> of Nat'l Geo that Barks used and b.) the comic book story he used them in
> esp. inc. US publication data?

Alberto Becattini in an article included in Zio Paperone #106 gives a couple
of examples:

National Geographic April 1940 and October 1941 --> Donald Duck and the
Mummy Ring (Four Color Comic #29, September 1943)

There are some pictures fom those issues and the ispiration from them for
the story is clear.


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