KOMIX # 148 contents

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The contents of the new komix issue (# 148):


The Black Knight, by Don Rosa
Knight in Shining Armor, by Carl Barks
Unknow tittle. Drawned by Paul Marry
A Goofy Look at Soccer, by Haime Diaz Studios


Carl Barks doesn't living here any more
A Burglar with Talent
Illegal's Universe (Don Rosa's interview about the Black Knight)
New Millennium's Dinosaurs
The First Cinema's Dinosaur
Giouliber in the Land of Mickey Mouse
Disney & Eizenstein

Cover by an unknow artist. But it reminds me the Ben Verhagen's style.
Next issue is a 100-pages dedicated issue to Carl Barks. Voodoo Hoodoo, by
Carl Barks
Is anybody who wants copies again? If yes, I'm ready to send copies
Best Wishes

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