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Tue Apr 3 15:34:50 CEST 2001

I just had a phone call with the Dutch editors, so here's some news and some

Anders wrote:
> I
> believe the ducth weekly, apart from the fact that they don't 
> print Rosa,
> is one of the best weeklies we have in europe.

Or at least it has been, in past years.

> it publishes stories by Heymans,
> Jippes, Milton and more.

The next Barks/Jippes JW story, "Eagle Savers", will be in the weekly of
week #24.
Jippes is in the USA at the moment, and he's not doing any work for the
Dutch editor. But this may change in the future.

> About the letter column in DD Weekblad
> [..] most of the letters are about things the
> readers experienced in dayly life or vactaions and such. They are that
> more than questions about stories or such, as would be in eg. 
> the greek magazine Komix' letter columns. ?

Right. Vactaions and such. 8-)
The Dutch weekly aims at children of age 9 or 10.

More Dutch news:

The series DE BESTE VERHALEN VAN DONALD DUCK (all-Barks) is being reprinted
in hard-cover, bound editions by Lekturama. 4 original albums in a bound
edition. In colour.
I haven't seen these albums anywhere yet, but there seem to be 4 of them out

Sounds like a nice Dutch Barks library, even though they literally use the
Beste Verhalen versions, which have some minor flaws now and then.


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