Where is Paperopoli?

Marco Barlotti marcobar at ds.unifi.it
Mon Apr 9 12:17:42 CEST 2001

At 09:33:11 Sun, 8 Apr 2001 -0700, Rob Klein wrote:

>It seems to me that Duckstad is in The Netherlands; Entenhausen is in
>Germany and Andeby is in Denmark, and Norway.  The Swedish Duckburg must
>certainly be in Sweden, and I am guessing that the Finnish, Italian and
>French must also be implied to be located in their respective nations.

That is certainly NOT true for Italy.
Paperopoli (Duckburg) and Topolinia (Mouseton) were always located in the
USA for Italian readers.
Romano Scarpa even made up the name of a new State (Calidornia) to place
Topolinia inside the USA.
And $crooge came to Italy looking for oil (in I TL 139-B, "Paperino e la
scoperta dell'Italia") very clearly from the USA (where an Italian emigrant
was shown to live...)


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