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Fri Apr 27 12:01:08 CEST 2001

Thanks for all response on my question about Gyro's inventions! By the way, 
have Carl Barks ever used the thinking hat? The one with the three crows? (I 
doubt it... there's NO WAY such a thing could work!)

I just wonder: What is the name of Donald's uncle? Is it Scrooge or is it 
$crooge? I've been surfing through various web pages (D.U.C.K.hunt, etc.) and seen both versions used. What is correct?

And, I'm curious; do any of you have any thoughts about what is happening in 
Duckburg today? According to Don Rosa, $crooge died 34 years ago, Donald is 
now 80yo, HD&L are now 60yo... I have a few theories;
1) Donald has married Daisy.
2) Gyro has married someone (a figure not introduced yet?) and he has a 
3) Huey, Dewey and Louie have gone to college. They have probably split up 
by now - they're not so equal anymore:
3a) Huey is in charge of taking care of the funds they inherited from their 
grand-uncle Scrooge
3b) - Dewey has married (probably a girl he met in college)
    - Dewey and his wife have a son
    - After years of dating Dewey's son married Gyro's daughter.
    - Dewey's son and Gyro's daughter have given birth to twins
3c) Louie is some kind of top-general in the Junior Woodchucks Worldwide 
Organization (what's the English word for "stormogul"?)
4) The money in the velvet of Scrooge's money bin is never used. They lay 
there as a monument over the man who in his lifetime managed to earn, with 
nothing but himself to help him, a gigantic room filled with cash
5) Gus Goose inherited Grandma Duck's farm, but he soon sold it
6) Some years before Scrooge died, he became friends with Hortense and 
Matilda again

HD&L probably went to collage in 1958, when they were 18yo
All these marriages (Donald/Daisy, Gyro/someone, Dewey/someone) probably 
found place somewhere between 1960 and 1965. That's also the period where 
Gyro/someone and Dewey/someone probably got kids. Scrooge died in his 100th 
year, 1967. Somewhere 1975-1980 I guess Dewey's son and Gyro's daughter 
started dating, some years later they married and in 1985 I guess they got 
their kids (which I believe was twins). I guess Louie was honored to become 
("stormogul") around 1980, when he was 40yo.

I hope to get to read a story about what's happening today one day! I think 
I've read somewhere that Don Rosa also has such a fantasy? I would love to 
hear about it!

Anyway, thanks for now. Now I will not check my e-mail before wednesday, 
so... let me guess... a zillion new mails during the weekend? :) :) :)

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