Don's work

Theresa Wiegert f95thwi at
Sat Aug 18 21:12:01 CEST 2001

> I've written a sort of "sequel" to "A Matter of Some Gravity" -- as much
> as people might enjoy that same sideways-gravity idea, it seems like I
> should not be repeating myself quite yet... so I've created a 13-page
> story purposely with the same general plot progression of Magica
> snatching the Dime and U$ & DD chasing her to the airport, only she has
> cast a different sort of spell on them this time to make their chase
> difficult. Next week I'll start to draw it.

Yes yes yes! :) Sounds like something I'd want to read. I really reallyt
enjoyed A Matter of Some Gravity (I think I've said that
before...) Wonderful! Can't wait! (what kind of spell, btw?)

/Theresa, looking forward to the book fair in Göteborg... :)

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