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>Message: 2
>From: Goofy313g at
>Subject: How Barks is related to the Ducks
>Sorry, I have forgotten to speak about that in my last message.
>Instead of being Donald's father, who is Quackmore Duck, Carl Barks
>could also just be the Ducks' God!!!

Nah. I don't think so. The Ducks live in the real world, don't they? DON'T 
THEY? So does Unca Carl. Why would they honour an "ordinary" man? My opinion 
on this is that Barks is a good friend of Scrooge McDuck, and a distant 
relative of Gyro Gearloose.

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From: "Don Rosa" <donrosa at>
Subject: Re: DCML digest #646

>>I also wanted to know (I don't remember if I asked that before..)
>who is the Quagmire McDuck, from your Family Tree. Is he just here to
>fill a blank?
>He was created by Barks and mentioned in the same story that gave us
>virtually all of those other ancient McDucks you see on my Family >Tree...
>"The Old Castle's Secret".

The story I remember old Quagmire from, is the story with the old family 
clock. Here, it seems to me that he was pretty rich and wealthy... I don't 
get it. If that's the truth, then why would his brother be a poor miner? 
Because Quagmire was a cheep bastard which would not shear anything with his 
own family? Doubt it, since Scrooge inherited him. On my homepage, which 
will be revealed soon, I will present an edited family tree, where Fethry 
and Quagmire is removed. I don't say that Quagmire don't exist, I just don't 
think of him as the BROTHER of Dingus. Only as an ancient McDuck, just like 
e.g. Malcolm McDuck and Hugh 'Seafoam' McDuck - they are McDucks, but we 
don't know anything about them - we don't know who their parents was, we 
don't know who they married, we don't know who they gave birth to - 
therefor, we have not enough information to place them in a family tree.



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